Hi. I am travis and I work in a place long ago abandoned by the gods: New York City. By day, I am a Software Engineer at Blue Apron. By night, i am a normal person.

Very Mad Code

Bugs in code can be a real hoot! Much like actual insects, we can coexist with some software bugs (e.g. a CSS change unexpectedly makes a button too small), while others evoke a feeling of "there is no god, I'm leaving the country" (e.g. when a company goes bankrupt in under an hour because one DevOps guy fugged up).

This is what happens when there's a bug in your code and the result is better than what you actually had in mind.

I encourage you to click around frantically and piss it off. However, don't piss it off too much, or you'll face a zombie-apocalypse level swarm of pixel noise. Reset with spacebar if it gets too pissed.

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

This was made with Processing, and it's supposed to mimic the behavior of ripples in water. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get it right this time, but once I do, I'll let you know. Check out the code on Github.

Ripples! I Made Them!